About the journals:

We use only American-sourced materials and tools, and work together with local businesses DWRI Letterpress & Paperworks. Each journal weighs about 1.5 lbs, measures 8.75" x 5.5" x 1.25", and contains 84 pages of premium acid-free 80 lb. text Natural White Classic Crest paper from Paperworks.

Each journal is hand bound using the Coptic binding style, named for Egyptian Christians (Copts) who developed the method in the second century. It uses no glue, has no spine, and relies on a single waxed thread, resulting in an elegant, flexible, and sturdy object. The binding style allows the book to open and lie completely flat, ideal for sketching and journaling. It also means the journal is infinitely refillable and is meant to last forever. Just send the book back to us and we'll re-bind the journal with fresh paper.  

Each book is stamped on its first page with an image of a tree signifying which species the wood came from, and has a beautiful foil inlay on the back cover courtesy of DWRI. Choose from three classic American woods: Walnut, Cherry, or Maple.


stackin paper

About the makers:

Jamie Dougherty is an artist and writer based in Providence, Rhode Island. He started Revive Books in order to design and sell locally-sourced, handcrafted art objects. Jamie has fabricated an array of wooden objects including furniture, large sculptural pieces, and pie boxes. Our handmade journals are the result of a design collaboration between Jamie and Matthew Patrei. Contact us at revivebooks@gmail.com.  

Matthew is the owner of Bead and Cove Custom Wood Fabrication in Providence, Rhode Island. Bead and Cove completes custom building projects for designers, commercial entities, and individuals. Bead and Cove has helped customers make products as diverse as architectural lighting, balusters, railings, chair parts, casework for digital instruments, books, benches, dining tables, and many more customized designs. Contact Bead and Cove at info@beadandcove.org and visit their website at www.beadandcove.org.